Date Auction


WHO’S THAT POKÉMON?! No, who’s that potential date!! This Date Auction Fundraiser is part 2 of the 3 week fundraiser in order to raise money for the Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc. Cancer Warriors Foundation is a Philippine based patient support organization for families of children with childhood cancer. It leads the fight for children/adolescents with cancer, childhood cancer survivors and their families. You can learn more about them at:

So what is a date auction? Basically it is an auction where we will be bidding off dates with some of your favorite FIA members! Ten contestants will be interviewed and you can anonymously bid on them through text message all throughout the auction until the highest bidders are revealed at the end. They’ve agreed to help us with this fundraiser by offering their time and talents! Whether if its just a friend you want a fun friend date with or an opportunity to take out the cutie you’ve been eyeing, tune in throughout the week to see who you can possibly win a date with!

All the money from this event will go towards the Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc.

This event will take place in SCE 605 at 4pm – 5pm on March 8th

If you have any questions or concern please contact Michelle Pham or Christine Torres.