Northside College Prep | Isang Hakbang

Isang Hakbang, Tagalog for “one step”, has promoted the Philippine culture in the NCP community since 2001. Ever since its formation, Isang Hakbang has attracted members who embrace the Filipino culture, no matter what their background. Even with the diversity of the group, Isang Hakbang comes together to instill a passion for culture and form a pamilya.

Niles North High School | Halo Halo Special

Halo-Halo Special is a dance group affiliated with the Filipino Club at Niles North. This group performs traditional dances as well as some modern dances at many schools throughout the Skokie and Morton Grove area. This is their fourth year at Battle as one of the few high schools competing.

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign | Barkada

PSA UIUC is a tight‐knit organization that aims to educate and promote Filipino culture and Asian‐American awareness. Barkada, the cultural group within PSA, is dedicated to the performing arts aspect of Filipino culture. Through the art expression of traditional dancing, Barkada hopes to foster and support a connection to our Filipino roots and share this enriched, beautiful culture with others. This year’s cultural coordinators are Maria Climaco and Chelsea Tuvilla.

University of Michigan | FASA Traditional

The Filipino American Student Association exists as both a cultural and social organization. We aim to provide both an environment in which relationships can be created and fostered as well as one that educates both ourselves and the larger community about Filipino and Filipino American culture. FASA Traditional is the traditional dance group within FASA that showcases and celebrates the Filipino culture through dance. This year’s dance is Tagabili and was choreographed by Co-Performance Chairs Tiffany Lao and Elvhin Encarnacion.

Loyola University Chicago | Kapwa

Kapwa Cultural seeks to educate those in our community regarding the Filipino experience and culture through the art of dance. We are dedicated to spreading awareness of Filipino history and culture by performing traditional dance that is derived from the Philippines. Kapwa Cultural creates a warm and family­like environment where dancers feel open to learn new things and step out of their comfort zone while expressing the Filipino Culture. This year, Kapwa Cultural is directed by Jenna Bungay & Arjele Bureros.

Saint Louis University | Filipino Student Association

Saint Louis University’s Filipino Student Association’s mission is to promote unity within the organization through the awareness of the Filipino culture. We are called to provide opportunities that will enhance the understanding of our nation’s legacy. We are a new generation composed of two cultures. Combining both worlds into one has begun the evolution of a new identity called Filipino-Americans. Serving together as leaders of the future, we hope to develop an understanding of our heritage, educate those unfamiliar with the beauty of Philippine traditions, and increase diversity awareness within our institution. For Battle of the Bamboo, SLU FSA is performing Binaylan-Banog, choreographed by their Co- Directors of Cultural Dance, Stacey Sicat and Angela Babaran.