Primo Dance Troupe

Primo Dance Troupe is a diverse student organization at the UIC whose main goal is to provide a source of recreation, entertainment, and friendship through dance. Our main goals are to improve our dance skills and express our love for dance.

Moku’aina Hula

Moku’aina Hula was created in early 2010 and the name literally means “Island Dance.” The troupe’s mission is to present dance pieces in the Spirit of the Hawaiian Culture.
Its goal is to make Hula not only enjoyable by all but more accessible to ladies who have dreamt of learning and performing the beautiful dance.

University of Minnesota | Kaisahan

This year marks the first time for the Philippine Student Association of the University of Minnesota to perform at Battle of the Bamboo. Kaisahan, which translated in Tagalog means “unity,” is PSA Minnesota’s cultural dance troupe and whose name is a reflection of how dance can create the harmony that brings people together to create something worthwhile. This year’s dance is coordinated by Carmel San Juan along with co-coordinator, Jonathan Roberts.

Depaul University | ACE Cultural

Asian Cultural Exchange is DePaul University’s largest Asian-interest on-campus
organization. ACE is an organization that encourages the exchange of talents, knowledge,and experiences between its members and the DePaul community by preserving the richness and sanctity of the individual cultures and traditions that are part of the Asian/Pacific Islander American heritage. ACE Cultural is a tradition that has been long honored within the organization. They have participated in numerous performances over the years, and have represented many Asian styles of cultural dance. ACE Cultural prides itself on the diversity of not only its performances, but its members as well. This year, Julian Mauleon and Iris Zhou coordinate ACE Cultural with help from Paolo Malibiran and Tina Leong.

Marquette | Bayanihan

Bayanihan Student Organization is a cultural organization whose mission is to promote, educate, and celebrate the Filipino culture with the members of Bayanihan, Marquette University, and the Greater Milwaukee community.

NIU| Kilusan

Cultural dance group under Northern Illinois Filipino Student org PSA

The Dream Team

Founded in January 2015, The Dream Team is a all male exhibition group featuring members from teams such as Kapwa Modern, FIA, CODA, Puzzle League. Ascension Performing Arts, and AFX. A spin off of the 92’ Olympic Basketball Team, “The Dream Team’ unites members from all around dance community and represents a new generation of up and coming talent.

UIC | FIA Modern

FIA Modern is an urban dance group under Filipinos in Alliance and is ran by Alexa Vargas and Joe Shin. Modern performs at events such as World of Dance, Prelude Midwest, FACT.

Lane Tech | Kapamilya Habang Buhay

We are Lane Tech's Filipino Club, KHB. We represent the Philippines in Lane's annual International Days and Nights.

UIC | FIA Cultural

Fia Cultural is a sub group under Filipinos in Alliance. We showcase traditional dances of the Philippines. Our main goal is to inspire others to become more active within the Filipino community and to learn more about Filipino Culutre!

UIC | FIA’Liwan

FIA’Liwan is a musical group stemming from UIC's Filipino organization, Filipinos in Alliance. This group was formed as a creative outlet for those who have talents in singing, instrument playing, beat boxing and emceeing. The Filipino word "Aliwan," which means entertainment, is perfectly embodied through this group as we seek to bring joy to audiences through the expression of our passions.