Crystle Dino

I have danced traditional Filipin@ dances during my undergrad years in Madison, WI with PAMANA (Philippine-American Association of Madison and Neighboring Areas) via my participation in FASO, UW-Madison.  I have danced with Tamboula Ethnic Afro-Haitian Dance Company, as well as Pocomania Jamaican Dance Company.  I practice Filipin@ Martial Arts through Defensor Method Chicago, and am a member of Escolta St. Snatchers Social Club, a Filipin@ art collective based here in Chicago, where we create art, movement, and community by focusing on decolonization, reclaiming and discovering identity, and uncovering our complex human experiences.
What are you looking forward to for Battle of the Bamboo?:  
I am looking forward to sharing the evening in community through dance and honoring our living traditions.   I am excited to witness everyone's creative take in re-imagining and remembering the devotional practices of movement our Ancestors passed down from generation to generation.  This will be a beautiful evening in honoring and celebrating who we are by using this space to connect through our roots, through our indigenous tunes and patterns, and through our bodies that hold knowledge and stories dared to be told.

Michael Lim AKA Sneeks

Sneeks is a veteran b-boy and house dancer of the world renowned, Chicago Tribe (3rd Gen), that has been dancing for 20+ years. Starting out as a house dancer with his younger brother "Check-It", he turned his focus towards B-boying (aka Breakdance) and gained much notoriety and awards as a footwork specialist in the scene. Currently he is an active member of the House Dance community, looking to infuse the original Chicago flavor with NY and other scene influences, and spread the love of the dance in the Midwest. Sneeks is the creator and admin of, one of the oldest and longest running B-boying forums in the country. He is part of the Check-It Productions team (Multi-Media & Promotions Director), which throws one of the largest dance festival and battle series in the US, ‘City Vs City’. He is also the creator and organizer of ‘Slick City’, Chicago’s largest dance battle featuring multiple urban dance styles (Breaking, Toprock, Popping, and House), while also donates the proceeds to local charities. Learn more about his crew, Chicago Tribe, at

What are you looking forward for Battle of the Bamboo?:
I will be looking for technicality, musicality, and precision, along with how the dancers work in harmony overall with each other. Most importantly, emotional context to both the music and movement, and how strong that is portrayed to the audience.

Giancarlo Angelo R. Regacho

Gian is currently the alumni chair for Filipinos In Alliance for the school year. He was also the president last year. He graduated last December 2015 at UIC with Bachelors of Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Fitness and Health Promotion. Gian has been dancing since he was in kindergarten whether it be cultural or hip hop. He started choreographing cultural and hip hop in 7th grade in the Philippines back in 2005. Since then, he mostly choreographs cultural dances until now. Gian has also choreographed waltz dances for debutantes since 2011. He is very passionate when it comes to performing arts whether it be singing, playing an instrument, or dancing hip hop and/or cultural.
What are you looking forward to for Battle of the Bamboo?:  
Tonight, he's looking forward to all the hard work that the performers put into each dance, how they portray the story, and show the audience how wonderful and colorful the Filipino culture is.