The End Goal.

For the thirteenth consecutive year, Filipinos In Alliance at the University of Illinois at Chicago proudly presents Battle of the Bamboo, a cultural dance competition showcasing traditional Filipino folk dance. Participants come from all over the Midwest and they range from high school to collegiate levels. The groups perform a dance of their choosing to the best of their abilities and are judged by a panel of experienced dancers. The Philippines has a rich cultural history which includes a diverse collection of traditional folk dances. With the dances, performers unravel stories that have been passed down through generations of Filipino history. Our theme this year is Ating Simula, which translates to Our Beginning. As the United States continues to grow, a majority of Americans have a tendency to forget their origin.  As Jose Rizal once said, “No history, no self. Know history, know self.” The continuance of culture can be preserved by getting a better understanding of where it all began.