Battle of the Bamboo 2016 | Ating Simula “Our Beginning” (Part I)

Philippine National Anthem // FIA’liwan
American National Anthem // FIA’liwan
2016 // Introduction Video
Presidents // Presidential Address
Vice-President Externals // Welcome Speech
Masters of Ceremonies // Introduction
NIU // Kilusan
NNHS // Halo Halo Special
UIC // Primo Dance Troupe
Marquette // Bayanihan Cultural
SLU // Filipino Student Association
Lane Tech // Kapamilya Habang Buhay
U of Michigan // FASA Traditional
Speakers // MAFA + NIU


Battle of the Bamboo 2016 | Ating Simula “Our Beginning” (Part II)

Masters of Ceremonies // Welcome Back
Speakers // Anakbayan + UNIPro + Madrid Crost Law Group
DePaul University // ACE Cultural
Loyola University Chicago // Kapwa Cultural
University of Minnesota // Kaisahan
Northside College Prep // Isang Hakbang
Moku’aina Hula
Dream Team
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign // Barkada
University of Illinois at Chicago // FIA Cultural
University of Illinois at Chicago // FIA Modern
Judging Ceremony

Thank you to FIA Staff for all your help and support.

Jeff Alton


Asian American Resource and Cultural Center Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Asian Americans Students Activities Funding Committee
GMA Network
Fil-AM Now!
Anakbayan Chicago
A-cure Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Philippine-American Cultural Foundation
Madrid Crost Law Group
Fellowship for Filipino Migrants


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