Filipinos In Alliance was established at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1997 to bring together the increasing population of Filipino students. United as one voice, we can raise awareness and enrich our community with our Filipino culture. As we create an environment that builds bridges between social, generational, and cultural gaps, we challenge ourselves in terms of understanding our Filipino American heritage. We believe that being Filipino is not a requirement to be part of this organization, but that it is merely a commonality we can use to educate ourselves in the hope of erasing barriers we face.


Staff Throughout the Years

Filipinos in Alliance has continuously prospered over the years. Here are the ones who have kept our organization growing strong – FIA Staff. 

 2016 - 2017 

Presidents: Tina Leong & Eugene Villamater
Vice President - Internal: Christina Khorn
Vice Presidents - External: Chris Vinzons & Marc Bernabe
Secretary: Mary Anne Dela Cruz
Treasurer: Nathan Salvador
Fundraising Chair: Erika Guevarra
Cultural Awareness Chair: Janelle Paguiligan
Cultural Directors: Vanida Lim & Marko Garcia Dacpano
Modern Directors: Morgan Mariano & Hein Htet Henry
FIA'liwan Director: James Dequilla
Public Relations Officers: Kodey Visitacion & Richy Amiscaray
Social Coordinator: Gabby Reyes
Athletic Directors: Kyle Aguilar & Kate Zabat
Webmaster: Raizele Arceo
Historian: Andrea Ytem

 2015 - 2016 

Presidents: Stephanie Dizon & Rachelle Johnson
Vice President - Internal: Michelle Pham
Vice Presidents - External: Lester Dela Cruz & Bernadette Del Valle
Secretary: Mia Elmore
Treasurer: Nathan Salvador
Fundraising Chair: Rachel Dimayuga
Cultural Awareness Chair: Christine Torres
Cultural Directors: Christina Korn & Tuyet Tran
Modern Directors: Joe Shin & Alexa Vargas
FIA'liwan Director: Abby Bentain
Public Relations Officers: Marc Bernabe & Alain La
Social Coordinator: Nathan Clyde Diaz
Athletic Directors: Karen Ciruelas & Robby Tolentino
Webmaster: Chris Vinzons
Historian: Tina Leong


 President: Gian Regacho
Vice President - Internal: Stephanie Dizon
Vice Presidents - External: Mark Jao & Janella Manalang
Secretary: Bernadette Del Valle
Cultural Awareness: Michelle Agacid
Cultural Coordinator: Tina Leong & Nicole Pineda
Public Relations Officer: Aeriel Cabitac
Social Coordinator: Abby Gaza
Athletic Coordinators: Bernadette Del Valle & Lester Dela Cruz
Webmaster: Rachelle Johnson
FIA'liwan Director: Eugene Villameter
Modern Coordinators: Monique Llorenz & Jon'Qis Fillyaw



President: J.R. Ellasos
Vice President - Internal: Heather Tran
Vice President - External: Jonathan Caliso
Secretary: Inna Lucero
Treasurer: Clarisse Basco
Cultural Awareness Chair: Michelle Aggacid
Cultural Directors: Joseph Ravara & Stephanie Dizon
Public Relations Officers: Chris Joligon & Giancarlo Regacho
Social Coordinator: Nisu Patel
Athletic Coordinators: Vinzenz Tordecilla & Janella Manalang
Modern Coordinators: Viet Phan & Chris Fontillas
Webmaster: Rachelle Johnson


President: Corinne Martin
Vice President - Internal: Chynna Calip
Vice President - External: J.R. Ellasos
Secretary: Francis Domingo
Treasurer: Alzen Santos
Cultural Awareness Chair: Tiffany Rago
Cultural Directors: Jonathan Caliso & Gian Regacho
Public Relations Officers: Julius Corpuz & Troy Daquioag
Social Coordinator: Kevin Alvarez
Athletic Coordinators: Adam Gruezo & Heather Tran
Moderns Coordinators: Alex Ou
Webmaster: Carlos Lopez



President: Mary-Anne Reyes
Vice President - Internal: Melissa Chavez
Vice President - External: Marinell Malungcot
Secretary: Laura Macias
Treasurer: Alzen Santos
Cultural Awareness Chair: Chynna Calip
Cultural Directors: Jason Gatuz and Jessica Lesko
Public Relations Officers: J.R. Ellasos, Pam Villaflor, and Calvin Castaneda
Social Coordinator: Christy Mary Manaois
Athletic Coordinators: Ron Obdin and Erwin Mendoza
Moderns Coordinators: Amanda Ringness and Luann Dollente
Webmaster: Rachelle Johnson


President:  Emil Encarnado
Vice President - Internal: Corinne Ashley Martin
Vice President - External: Michael Angelo Orosa
Secretary: Marinell Javate Malungcot
Treasurer: Michael Jay Lazaro
Cultural Awareness Chair: Melissa Chavez
Cultural Directors: Mary Anne Reyes and Alzen Santos
Public Relations Officers: Laura Macias and Tanee Traimas
Social Coordinator: Estela Legaspi
Athletic Coordinators: Megan Abero and Francis Gonzales
Modern Coordinators: Jae Gatchalian and Gena Marie Grospe
Webmaster: Jessica Cordova


President: Patrick Millan
Vice President - Internal: Chariz Calip
Vice President - External: Mark "MarkE" Ezpeleta
Secretary: Roxanne Del Rosario
Treasurer: Michael Lazaro
Cultural Awareness Chair: Kristine Arboleda
Cultural Directors: Lizelle Marcial & Michael Orosa
Public Relations Officers: Emil Encarnado and Jerry "JJ" Del Rosario
Social Coordinator: Kristine Alvar
Athletic Coordinator: Rebecca Ranay
Moderns Coordinator: Corinne Martin
Webmaster: Jade Narrido


President:  Melissa Gaba
Vice President - Internal: Alexandra Garcia
Vice President - External: Patrick Millan
Secretary: Chariz Calip
Treasurer: Edwin-Ian dela Cruz
Cultural Awareness Chair: Phillip Ozaki
Cultural Directors: Donna Ramirez & Stephanie Mendoza
Public Relations Officers: JD Dela Cruz & Michael Lazaro
Social Coordinator: Justine Cudiamat
Athletic Coordinators: Christopher Lucero & Janritz Panganiban
Modern Coordinators: Mark Ezpeleta & Lainey Wang
Webmaster: Krystle Fertig


President: Majella Ciruelas
Vice President - Internal: Melissa Gaba
Vice President - External: Samantha Gagni
Secretary: Gigi Gagni
Treasurer: Steven Tran
Cultural Directors: Alexandra Garcia & Matthew Del Bario
Public Relations Officers: Jeremy Jiloca & Patrick Millan
Social Coordinator: Kathleen Guinid
Athletic Coordinator: Christopher Lucero & Edwin-Ian dela Cruz
Moderns Coordinator: Alex Deguzman & Stacey Heras
Webmaster: Krystle Fertig


President:  Rhonda Laylo
Vice President - Internal: Majella Ciruelas
Vice President - External: Rudy Lazaro
Secretary: Samantha Gagni
Treasurer: Joanne Narrido
Cultural Directors: Krystle Fertig & Phillip Ozaki
Public Relations Officers: Gino Lagua & Steven Tran
Social Coordinator: Melissa Gaba
Athletic Coordinators: E.J. Cordova & Medel Cendana
Modern Coordinator: Neil Bautista
Webmaster: Jen de la Rosa


President: Daryl Blanco
Vice President - Internal: Rachel Laylo
Vice President - External: Kristine Gonzales
Secretary: Kim Sugay
Treasurer: Rhonda Laylo
Cultural Directors: Lizelle Marcial & Michael Orosa
Public Relations Officers: Joanne Narrido & Lauren Pahati
Social Coordinator: Faye Rocero
Athletic Coordinator: Victor Santos
Moderns Coordinator: Michelle Martinez
Webmaster: Majella Ciruela


President: Santi Khairassame
Co-Vice Presidents: Daryl Blanco & Rachel Laylo
Secretary: Ray Ledda
Treasurer: Rhonda Laylo
Cultural Director: Chris Bernardo
Public Relations Officers: Kristine Gonzales & Tara Gonzales
Outreach Coordinator: Steven Tham & Michelle Santos
Co-Athletic Coordinators: Dennis Ciruelas & Marlo Dalmacion
Modern Coordinator: Mark del Rosario
Webmaster: Angelica Velasco
Historian: Krystine Belingon
Advocacy: Randy Comchomnon


President: Gregory Calip
Co-Vice Presidents: Santi Khairassame & Meliza Quesea
Secretary: Ray Ledda
Treasurer: Nadine Martinez
Cultural Director: Rachel Laylo
Public Relations Officers: Marlo Dalmacion & Fernando “Buddy” Nucum
Outreach Coordinator: Steven Tham
Modern Coordinator: Mark del Rosario
Webmaster: Daryl Blanco


President: Lizelle Ramores Din
Vice President: Barbara Carabio
Secretary: Nadine Martinez
Treasurer: Jay Jiloca
Cultural Director/Political Chair: Gregory Calip
Public Relations Officers: Meliza Quesea & Santi Khairassame
Outreach Coordinator: Steven Tham & Michelle Santos
Newsletter: Santi Khairassame
Modern Coordinator: Elaine Aguinaldo
Webmaster: Daryl Blanco


President: Bryan Balbuena
Vice President: Rowena Ancheta
Secretary:Paul Tran
Treasurer: Barbara Carabio
Cultural Director: Lizelle Din
Public Relations Officers: Michael Balbuena & Meliza Lee
Modern Coordinator: Jeffrey Calimbas
Webmaster: Matthew Saavedra


President: Ria Manuel
Vice President: Abigail Torres
Secretary: Rowena Ancheta
Treasurer: Vanessa Delamente
Cultural Director: Michelle Sta. Maria
Sports Director: Jhon Yonan
Outreach Coordinator: Vanessa Deguia
Webmaster: Bryan Balbuena

Co-Presidents: Ria Manuel & Erick Tumang
Secretary: Mike Fernandez
Treasurer: Vanessa Delarmente
Cultural Director: Keith Rocero
Public Relations Officer: Abigail Torres
Show Co-Coordinators: Michelle Sta. Maria & Laurice Ann Uy
Student Advisor: Kim Rocero
Webmaster: Bryan Balbuena

Head Director: Robert Lugar
Fundraising: Charleen Borja
Cultural Events: Gina Magsombol
Dance Troupe: Kim Rocero
Social Events: Anthony Villacin
Art Director: Roy Villegas

President: Robert Lugar
Vice President: Kim Rocero
Treasurer: Charleen Borja
Cultural Events: Gina Magsombol
Newsletter: Roy Villegas
Social Events: Laurice Ann Uy
Dance Troupe: Irving Resurreccion
Sports: Michael Abraga
Cultural: Demetrio Maguigad