Sumulong | Reaching For Tomorrow

Theme Description

Battle of the Bamboo is a cultural dance showcase hosted by Filipinos in Alliance at the University of Illinois at Chicago since 2003. Performers have portrayed stories that have been passed down for generations, retold through our rich cultural history and diverse collection of dances in the Philippines. In 2022, Filipinos in Alliance will be hosting our 19th annual Battle of the Bamboo. This event has grown to attract thousands of spectators to watch dance groups from both high schools and collegiate institutions. Filipinos in Alliance and the 2022 Battle Council are proud to present this year’s theme: “Sumulong | Reaching For Tomorrow”


“The youth is the hope of our future” – Jose Rizal

Being young Filipino Americans, we are influenced by many. Whether those influences be our family or friends, we cannot deny that the media has had a lasting influence on us. At this time, we are beginning to see more people on the screen that look like us. Whether it be a Filipino artist, or our cultured dishes, the exposure we receive is something much needed to show the world who Filipinos are and what the Philippines is. Jose Rizal says that we, as the new generation of youth, are the future. Battle of the Bamboo is a way for the youth to celebrate, appreciate and recognize our culture. To acknowledge all parts of our culture that reconnects us to the past. All though generations pass, and we lengthen the gap from now onto the past, we choose to celebrate our culture in the present and the future generations to come.

Sumulong – Tagalog (v.) to advance, to go forward


The idea of “Sumulong” promotes the vision of reflecting on our pasts and building a foundation for the future. In the past two years, we have faced and gone through our own struggles. Whether it was from within or elsewhere, we as Asian Americans have found a way to persevere through it all to give the future generations a better road ahead. Today, as we bring to you the event that we all hold dear to our hearts, we are reminded that we stand as one. Battle of the Bamboo has always been the event that has brought together a unity within the Filipino Americans in the midwest, but now, we strive for more.


Together, we have lived under one sky and chosen our destiny. We have started a new era and moved beyond the horizon, and despite it all, still, we rose. And now, we must make our best efforts to rebuild, to make new, and move forward. We’ve reflected on our past, and we are ready for the next step, because the challenges we’ve endured and survived in the past, all result in us reaching for tomorrow.