Cultural Coordinators

Ashley Sampang (she/her/hers)
Sophomore - Psychology

FIA Fam: Elite

Hometown: Chicago

Favorite FIA Memory: Angelo dropping me during bangko practice or mfas 🙂 

Go to Karaoke Song: Maybe This Time – Sarah Geronimo 

Eugene Ampo (he/him/his)
Sophomore - Computer Science

FIA Fam: Royal

Hometown: Tacloban City

Favorite FIA Memory: Late night trip to IHOP on the way to MFAS, IYKYK :))


FIA'Liwan Directors

Elishah Madrigal (any pronouns)
Freshman - Music

FIA Fam: Elite

Hometown: Skokie

Favorite FIA Memory: MFAS

Go to Karaoke Song: I don’t have one yet

Rianna Panergalin (she/her)
Junior - Secondary English Education

FIA Fam: Fit

Hometown: Naperville, Illinois 

Favorite FIA Memory: Performing our intern medley for PCN Night!!! 

Go to Karaoke Song: Almost is Never Enough

Modern Coordinators

Miggy Alano (he/him)
Sophomore - Pre-Nursing

FIA Fam: Elite

Hometown: Wilmette/Evanston

Favorite FIA Memory: Showing off my arch game at my first ever Battle of the Bamboo

Go to Karaoke Song: The Way by Ariana Grande or No One by Alicia Keys

Bianca Romero (she/her/hers)
Sophomore - Biochemistry

FIA Fam: Elite

Hometown: Des Plaines, IL

Favorite FIA Memory: Meeting my lineage! 

Go to Karaoke Song: Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae 

Athletic Coordinators

Erikajean Penados (she/her)
Junior - English with a Focus in Professional Writing and a Minor in Communications

FIA Fam: Royal

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Favorite FIA Memory: Stepping out of my comfort zone to perform at BOTB for the first time with FIA Cultural!

Go to Karaoke Song: Night Changes by One Direction

Carl Decierdo (he/him)
Junior - Computer Science

FIA Fam: Elite

Hometown: Skokie

Favorite FIA Memory: Battle and AKA

Go to Karaoke Song: Lemon Drop 

Public Relation Officers

Ria Jessica Bonjoc (she/her)
Senior - Kinesiology

FIA Fam: Royal

Hometown: Lincolnwood IL

Favorite FIA Memory: Falling off the top of the pyramid practicing Sayaw Sa Bangko :,)

Go to Karaoke Song: Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here by Deborah Cox

Liz Gutierrez (they/them he/him)
Senior - Computer Science


Hometown: Chicago

Favorite FIA Memory: Helping out with PCN as Media Creations! Loved the council I got to work with and it was super fulfilling being able to make the event come to life after covid put a pause to PCN. I enjoy working together with FIA to put events together because it is rewarding once you get to see all the enjoyment you are able to bring to others.

Go to Karaoke Song: Helena by MCR

Social Coordinator

Matthew Aggari (he/him)
Sophomore - Marketing


Hometown: Chicago 🙂

Favorite FIA Memory: I liked intramural volleyball season!!

Go to Karaoke Song: Isn’t she lovely

Cultural Advocacy Chair

Summer Lee (she/her/hers)
Junior - Integrated Health Sciences in the Health and Science Concentration


Hometown: Skokie

Favorite FIA Memory: Mahjong in the atrium

Go to Karaoke Song: Everytime We Touch

Fundraising Chair

Allen Malit (he/him)
Junior - Biology

FIA Fam: Modern

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL

Favorite FIA Memory: Road-tripping to MFAS and getting to learn more about other members in FIA. 

Go to Karaoke Song: Super Bass – Nicki Minaj 


Aaron Azarias (he/him)
Junior - Pre-Nursing

FIA Fam: Fit

Hometown: Bartlett, IL

Favorite FIA Memory: Being able to finally have a graduation walk and prom at FIA Formal

Go to Karaoke Song: Whole New World – Aladdin


LJ Hanyzewski (he/him)
Sophomore - Biomedical Engineering

FIA Fam: Elite

Hometown: Brookfield, IL

Favorite FIA Memory: The first AKA meeting where I got to meet my lineage and kuya! Bakunawa lineage is the best lineage btw 🙂

Go to Karaoke Song: Still Into You – Paramore