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    Here In America, We Speak English      “Can you order for me, anak?” asks Lola, though she has lived in […]


As more and more Filipino Americans grow up in the United States with limited understanding of their roots, Filipinos in Alliance strives to educate others in the hopes that one may gain a sense of knowledge of self by realizing their own heritage, as well as the hardships of their ancestors before them, all in a friendly environment with people like themselves.  With that goal in mind, we believe in building a sense of belonging and unity with other Filipinos by working together through numerous events and activities to reach as many members in our community that we possibly could.  We strongly believe that by creating a combined effort and through dedicated teamwork, we can make a difference – as Filipinos in Alliance.


FIA modern is is a modern dance group that allows members to express their creativity through movement. We provide an area where members can come and improve their skills with other dancers, and also have fun doing what they enjoy. Members will be able to showcase their talents in events such as FACT, Battle of the Bamboo, and World of Dance. If you love to dance then check out Fia Modern!


FIA'liwan is a musically talented group that consists of singers, emcees, beat boxers, and musicians. Each member brings their own uniqueness and passion of music to the table, all while coming together to execute cohesive performances. We serve as an outlet for musical expression and we have fun while doing it! So, if you are looking to channel your passion for music, then don’t be afraid to audition for FIA'liwan! SHINE BRIGHT! YAAS!

[FIA]* Cultural

FIA Cultural is about showcasing the Filipino traditional dances of the Philippines. We want FIA cultural to inspire you to become active within the Filipino community!


No worries you can be a general member and sign up for our AKA Program! You are able to get an Ate(older sister) or Kuya (older brother) in a particular family!