Meet Our 2024 Performers!

Kapamilya Habang Buhay

Kapamilya Habang Buhay (KHB), also known as Lane Tech’s Filipino Club, is a group of high school students embracing and appreciating Filipino culture both in and out of school. KHB tries to exemplify the beauty of Filipino culture through their family dynamic and art of dance. To do so, KHB performs several traditional dances: tinkling, sayaw sa bangko, and gaway gaway.

Led by their President Jasmyne Corpuz, Co-Vice Presidents Jordan Gutierrez and Audrey Cayas, Co-Treasurers Evan Ryding and Azel Kokot, Community Rep Elise Cruz, and Secretary Nickolas Vargas, KHB performs all across the Chicagoland area, in addition to maintaining their rank as one of the top International Days clubs at Lane Tech. Furthermore, KHB would not be able to be the best that they are without the guidance and support from their club sponsors, Chantelle Fregoso, Emilyne Villasenor, Tiffany Williams, Cory Hilton, and Zain Dababneh.


Kultura is the Filipino competitive cultural dance team from Marquette University’s Bayanihan Student Organization. We seek to promote the Filipino culture amongst our members as well as in then greater Milwaukee area by choreographing dances that portray Filipino legends, stories, and history.

This year,the coordinators are Shannyn Paguia, Jocelyn Beltran, Maddy Noh, Elyssa Fischer, and Brian Nguyen.

Purdue Pamilya

Purdue Pamily is a subgroup of the Purdue Filipino Association. It is full of students who love Filipino culture and people who want to make long lasting memories by performing at battle.

Coordinators: Russell Rosa, Shane Limas

Kapit Bayan Cultural

Kapit Bayan Cultural is the Filipino dance group at Niles North. We aim to provide a unique and meaningful way for both our audience and team to learn about and understand their culture and come together!

Coordinator: Donajane Gervacio, Giovanni Bautista, Hai Vo

FIA' Liwan

FIA’Liwan is a musical subgroup under UIC’s Filipino’s in Alliance whose purpose is to cultivate an environment of music for its members and share OPM through performances for others.

Coordinators: Paolo Carino, Alyssa So

FASA Pamana

FASA Pamana aims to provide an environment in which relationships can be created and fostered as well as one that educates both ourselves and the larger community about Filipino and Filipino American culture. Pamana means legacy and we hope our performance will leave memorable impressions on our audience.

Coordinators: Kendra Le, Ashton Nunez

Isang Hakbang

Isang Hakbang, meaning “One Step” in Tagalog, is Northside College Prep’s Filipino Cultural Dance Club founded in 1999. With its goal to build a community through Filipino culture, Isang performs cultural dances such as Tinikling and Pandanggo sa Ilaw at different events, and has competed at Battle of the Bamboo since its opening year. This year, co-led by presidents Rena Manching, Ben Lupisan, and Noah Jacinto, vice presidents Joeffrey Paez, Julia Managuelod, and Jobenn Sanchez, and captains Ava Caselli and Nathan Dinh, we will be performing a rendition of Matabagka Searches for the Deity of the Wind.


We are the 101 Collective, a dance team driven by a shared vision to create a welcoming space where all individuals can express themselves freely through the art of dance. We celebrate our differences and foster an environment that embraces unity, inclusivity, and diversity. With a commitment to personal and artistic growth, we strive to unlock our full potential as dancers.

Coordinators: Bre Henry, Alyssa Bernardino, Jasmine Mason, Kelly Scott, Lanier Tisley, Steve Jimenez, Perla Rodocindo

PSA Barkada

The Philippine Student Association (PSA) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a tight-knit organization that aims to foster supportive relationships through the education and promotion of Filipino culture. Barkada, meaning “a group of friends” drives our mission to create lifelong bonds and community within our group both on and off stage. Through the artistic expression of traditional dancing, Barkada hopes to further develop a deeper connection to our Filipino roots and share the culture with others.

Coordinators: Isa Sargan, Maya Moloney


Kapwa; noun: a deep feeling of togetherness.

Kapwa Cultural is one of Kapwa’s 10 branches within the organization. Our goal as a group is to strive to accurately and appropriately showcase Filipino culture primarily through dance. The mission of Kapwa is to create an inclusive environment for all communities to engage in the Filipino culture. Kapwa strives to encourage others to learn and experience the cultural traditions based on kinship, devotion, and perseverance through the shared experiences of Loyola’s Filipino community. Furthermore, Kapwa hopes to foster an understanding of global citizenship in the minds of its members.

Coordinators: Colin Lim, Gianne Aguas, Michael Longno

FIA Modern

FIA Modern is a collegiate dance team and subgroup under Filipinos in Alliance at University of Illinois Chicago that focuses on hip-hop and modern styles of dance. This team is composed of talented people with a love for dancing and a passion to improve their technical skills and musicality each day. They work with accomplished choreographers all over Chicago and perform at many notable events in the Midwest. This season, FIA Modern aims to demonstrate what it means to be a community and to cultivate an environment inclusive of everyone, all while uplifting Filipinos through music and dance.


Angie Ng, Rio Naomi Dyoco

FIA Cultural

As one of the six subgroups within FIA, FIA Cultural focuses on teaching aspects of Filipino Culture to its members from teaching different cultural dances (such as Tinikling and Sayaw sa Bangko), to showcasing how to cook Filipino foods. We hope to challenge our understanding of our heritage by building an environment of traditional and modern Filipino ideals and by continuing to strengthen new and old relationships.

Coordinators: Jade Vinzons, Alexa Morales, and Alec Sayson