Filipinos In Alliance
Board of Directors 2023 - 2024

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Executive Board

Co-President: Angelo Battung
Co-President: Lily Alcazar
Vice President External: Erika Penados
Vice President Internal: LJ Hanyzewski
Secretary: Rydel Salazar

Core Board

Co-Cultural Coordinator: Alexa Morales
Co-Cultural Coordinator: Jade Vinzons
Co-Cultural Coordinator: Alec Sayson
Co-Modern Coordinator: Rio Dyoco
Co-Modern Coordinator: Angie Ng
Co-Liwan Director: Paolo Carino
Co-Liwan Director: Alyssa So
Co-Athletic Coordinator: Paul Sarmiento
Co-Athletic Coordinator: Michaela Romero
Co-Public Relations Officer: Kayla Cabel
Co-Public Relations Officer: Georgette Laririt
Social Coordinator: Aileen Yuan
Fundraising Chair: Diana Angela, Castro
Historian: Regina Robles
Co-Webmaster: Zach Noriega
Co-Webmaster: Sarah Parayno