BOTB 2023 Sponsors List

Advent Home Health

We believe health care is a basic human right. It must be available, coordinated, and provided in a comprehensive manner. Our knowledgeable health care professionals, with over 50 years of combined experience in the health care industry, are dedicated to delivering safe and appropriate care.

Our patients and their families share in establishing and implementing our services.   We are compassionate and understanding about the lifestyle changes that are part of a home health care setting. We give informed choices, provide available community resources, and follow the highest of medical and ethical standards.


As an organization founded by Filipinx/ao immigrants, AFIRE Chicago carries with us the legacy of People Power. We believe that the people most affected by structural injustice should be at the forefront of our movements. We seek to amplify the voices of those most silenced in our community: undocumented families, new immigrants, domestic workers, low-wage workers, seniors, and youth.


Anakbayan Chicago is the comprehensive National Democratic mass organization of Filipino youth and students in the Chicago area. As a Filipino youth and student organization, we fight against feudalism, imperialism, and corruption for true independence and democracy in the Philippines.

Filipino Google Network (FGN)

Formed in 2011, the Filipinx Googler Network (FGN) is an employee resource group supporting the Filipinx community and allies at Google. With 1,200+ global members worldwide, FGN is dedicated to the development of the Filipinx community in and outside of Google – passionate about events like Battle of the Bamboo that brings our community together in celebration of Filipinx culture. Interested in joining us? Check out our current student career opportunities at


FILIPINO YOUNG LEADERS PROGRAM (FYLPRO) is a network of high performing, next-generation leaders who advance the Philippines and the Filipino people through their advocacy and expertise in various industries.

We continually expand the pipeline of Filipino young leaders in the diaspora.  By connecting them to the motherland, we foster collaborative multinational  relationships that create innovations and support the socio-economic progress of the global Filipino community.

For more information, visit


Tayo, a project of the Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO), is an innovative data hub that empowers Filipinx/a/o communities by collecting data, fostering partnerships, publishing culturally relevant insights, and developing leaders to create an equitable and sustainable future.

For more information, visit

IVAN/Cookie/Illinois 337 Brotherhood

We are devoted to having a great time in the company of friends by uniting our Masonic Brethren who love to ride motorcycles, promoting knowledge of Freemasonry within the community, increasing motorcycle awareness, and contributing to the welfare of the widows of our fellow Masons and their orphans.

GMA Pinoy TV

We enrich the lives of Filipinos everywhere with superior Entertainment and the responsible, unbiased, and timely delivery of accurate News and Information. We are the most respected, undisputed leader in the Philippine broadcast industry and the recognized media innovator and pacesetter in Asia.

Kollective Hustle

Kollective Hustle united the emerging generation of Filipinos in transforming their ideas into action, passion into profession, creativity into careers, and to inspire a global culture of collaboration.


MAFA exists to promote unity and cooperation amongst Filipinx and Filipinx Americans around the Midwest by promoting Filipinx culture and Asian American awareness, coordinating meetings and events, and supporting the objectives of the MAFA Member Organizations.

One Compassionate

One Compassionate Home Care is a family owned, client-centered home care agency that delivers compassionate care beyond measure in the greater Chicago area! They take pride in setting a higher standard of individualized care with their clients by upholding the values of trust, respect, and compassion. They aim to foster excellence and to protect their clients’ dignity and way of life. If you want to learn more about what they do and what they offer, you can check out their website at or call them today at (847) 989-7701!


Founded in 1996, the Philippine American Cultural Foundation (PACF) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization formed exclusively for charitable, civic, cultural, humanitarian, educational and social services. For more info – visit our website

Perspective BPS

Perspective is dedicated to providing healthcare and wellness services to older adults. Our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate, comprehensive, holistic, and responsive primary care, pain, and psychiatric services in a variety of environments. These include post-acute facilities, assisted and supportive living communities and patient’s homes. Our approach is patient-centered, and we have set up our patient portal to provide easy scheduling and access.


Philippine Volleyball League (PVL) Chicago is dedicated to bringing together all Filipinos and non-Filipinos throughout the Chicago-land area through the sport of volleyball by fostering a welcoming and supportive community that encourages good sportsmanship, competitive play and the spirit of bayanihan.

Thank you for all the donations!